Welcome to my new website, angelocataldi.com.

For those of you who remember the early days at WIP, you may recall that I wrote pretty much every day on this site, with updates of what we did on the show and lots of other inside information.

Then I got tired and stopped doing it. Eventually, I let the site go, thinking it had outlived its purpose.

Well, I was wrong. I need the website more now than ever. In fact, I ended up having to pay a fee to get it back, but I felt it was worth it for two very important reasons.

First, I wanted a place to promote my new book, LOUD, which is scheduled for release by Triumph Publishing on Nov. 28. If you enjoyed our show during its 33-year tenure, I feel confident you will like the book. It covers all of the big moments in our history, from its beginnings, when we didn’t even know how to turn on the microphones, to the final months, when both the Phillies and the Eagles made it to the World Series and Super Bowl, respectively. (And lost, of course.)

And second, I discovered during the writing of LOUD that I missed writing more than I ever imagined. I started as a writer on newspapers in my hometown of Providence and here in Philadelphia, and I have decided to finish as one, too.

After I promote the book, my days in front of a microphone will be over. No radio shows. No podcasts. No broadcasting, period.

I plan to write.

Many months after my retirement, I still receive emails all the time (at radioman610@gmail.com) from former listeners wanting to know how I feel about the latest developments in Philadelphia sports. And one thing I have never lacked is opinions, even when they prove to be laughably wrong. Starting now, I plan to offer these offer these insights right here, free of charge, on this website.

So if the Eagles blow a lead like they did in Super Bowl 57 (thank you, Jonathan Gannon) or if the Phillies go on a magical run like they did last season, you can find my reaction right here.

Of course, this is also the right place for feedback on LOUD. Good or bad, I would like to hear how you feel about the book. The only thing I enjoyed more than the process of writing this book is the 33 years I got to spend with the best sports fans on the planet.

LOUD is an homage to the most misunderstood fan base in America, a funny, sad, frustrating and inspiring adventure that I hope will begin to change the narrative about the amazing people who love sports in Philadelphia.

Since you already took the trouble to find this new website, I want to express my gratitude for your loyalty to our show, and to me, for the past 33 years. What we will offer here in the months ahead is just one small way I have to pay you back.


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