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Famed radio personality and Philadelphia sports legend, Cataldi began his career in Philly as a sports journalist for the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1983. From there, he settled into his role as a radio host at 94.1 WIP for 33 remarkable years.


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The TV Show

The TV Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Jay Black, with regular guests Angelo Cataldi and Rhea Hughes. Each week, we dive into the new Golden Age of Television, with a discussion of the latest shows and news.

LOUD by Angelo Cataldi (Personalized Copy)


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For over three decades, Angelo Cataldi was the on-air voice of Philadelphia sports fans, leading the charge with unabashed zeal and infectious energy. He was the maestro of the mania, the conductor of the symphony of vitriol that blared through car radios every morning in the most misunderstood yet passionate sports city in America.

It made him his share of enemies, but he walked away from the microphone with enough stories for several lifetimes—or one jam-packed, lively memoir.

LOUD is an exuberant chronicle of Cataldi’s life, from his childhood as a self-described “king nerd” in Providence, Rhode Island, to the traditional newspaper career he left behind, and his eventual rise to the top of the Philadelphia sports radio scene on WIP.

Through it all, Cataldi remained dedicated to his mission of talking about what the city was talking about, in the same tone. And that tone was loud, passionate, and unapologetically real.

Full of encounters with athletes, personalities, and power brokers as well as candid reflections, LOUD is a must-read for die-hard Philadelphia sports fan and anyone who appreciates a good story.

“Loud” Audiobook

     After more than three decades speaking into the ears of so many Philadelphia sports fans, I know I was asking a lot when I offered a book of my experiences, LOUD, late in 2023. Many people I met on the book tour asked if I would ever be communicating with them the old way, by talking to them. Yes, I will. In fact, we have an audiobook available right now with me telling my story over 10 emotional, entertaining hours. If you are not an avid book reader, check out LOUD in audio form now, with these links. And thanks for your incredible loyalty after all these years. 

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“For decades, Angelo Cataldi was ringleader of the brashest, funniest, most popular radio show in Philadelphia. As a regular guest, I was often asked  ‘What’s Angelo like?’ Finally, in this book, we discover the intelligent, witty and caring man behind the microphone. Spoiler alert: you’ll like him even more once you’ve read it.”

Mitch Albom

Author of Tuesdays with Morrie and 11 other bestsellers

“Thirty years ago, a very close friend of mine, Tom Brookshier, told me he was going to hire a sportswriter named Angelo Cataldi and see how he would do as a sports announcer. . . . . I don’t think Tom realized how well that decision would work out. I doubt anyone has ever done it any better.”

Dick Vermiel

Hall of Fame NFL Coach

“Raucous.  Rambunctious.  Riveting.  Cataldi’s memoir is both a front -row seat to the last three decades of Philly sports, and a revealing look at how an old school master of talk radio plied his trade in a tough town.  LOUD is a master class for his alma mater, the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, assuming they can stomach the political incorrectness inherent in his success.”

Michael Smerconish

Bestselling author and host at CNN and Sirius XM

“In 33 years on the radio in Philadelphia, Angelo Cataldi became the most popular and influential sports commentator in the country. He did it by making “sports talk” fun, outrageous and by involving his listeners in a way that has never been done before. It made for ‘can’t miss’ radio. This book tells the story of how he did it, and is as wildly entertaining as it was hearing it every morning!”

Ed Rendell

Former Pennsylvania Governor and Philadelphia Mayor

“I once booked for the WIP Morning Show the Eagles GM, the Phillies GM, and the Sixers GM all on the same day. We had our post-show meeting, and Angelo said: ‘Who ya got for us tomorrow?’ That was his expectation. Excellence was expected every day. LOUD perfectly reflects what we did, and how we did it, for all those years.”

Rhea Hughes

Co-host of the WIP morning show for 27 years

“Read this book before I do.”

Al Morganti

Co-host of the WIP morning show for 31 years

“Legendary broadcaster Howard Cosell once said, “If we see it, we have to say it” and for the past 33 years Angelo Cataldi has followed that advice, loudly engaging the city of Philadelphia each morning.  “LOUD” is an intimate story of the making of a radio man that created a sports-radio revolution in a city famous for revolutions.  Cataldi is a great storyteller, and like his morning show, his writing is genuine, passionate and most of all authentic. “LOUD” is a classic for those who seek the truth, and for those who want to learn how to say the truth.  A must read for any sports fan or anyone entering the field of journalism.”

Mike Lombardi

Longtime NFL executive and author of Gridiron Genius

“When I came to town in 1997 as the Sixers GM.  I soon learned there was one voice that mattered in sports media, and that was Angelo Cataldi.  When I would go on the air as the Sixers GM, he gave me the opportunity to give our view even if he disagreed with our view, which was most of the time.   Listening to his show prepared me for the questions I was going to get from the media before a press event.  For 33 years he set the sports media agenda in Philadelphia every morning. I never realized how hard he worked to prepare for every show until I joined him as a co co-host.  The stories and memories in this book are electrifying and gives you a glimpse into what he really thinks of some of the sports personalities he encountered in his long, legendary career.”

Billy King

Former GM of the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets

“People always asked me, ‘Did you hear what Angelo said this morning?!?!’ Of course I did. Nobody knew Philly fans better than Angelo. Nobody held teams more accountable. Nobody made me laugh more. LOUD is just as honest, thought-provoking, entertaining and funny as Angelo was on the air. A truly wonderful look back at his iconic career.”

Todd Zolecki

Author of Doc and Phillies beat writer for

Angelo is a brilliant maniac and a supremely gifted storyteller. As a former WIP intern,  I can confirm he was the greatest teacher of all time. As soon as I learn to read, this book will be so enjoyable!

Colleen Wolfe

Host of the NFL Network

“The morning after a game, regardless of when I got home, my alarm was always set for 6 a.m. I couldn’t miss Angelo’s opening Eagles’ rant. Nobody was ever more compelling.  This is a book I couldn’t put down.”

Merrill Reese

Voice of the Philadelphia Eagles for half a century

“For as long as I can remember, Angelo Cataldi has been the indisputable voice of Philly sports fans, a pied piper with a loyal following of (mostly) lovable idiots who couldn’t help but get emotional about their teams. That’s not always a good thing, but with Angelo, it was always entertaining. LOUD is the outrageous story of a man who became a sports media legend in an adopted town and, in the end, earned the highest possible praise: he’s a Philly guy”.

John Gonzalez

NBA beat writer for the Ringer

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