The Eagles schedule is out. How Many Wins?

The Eagles schedule is out. How Many Wins?


     We wasted lots of time on the air during my long tenure at WIP, but nothing was more ridiculous – or more fun – than trying to assign wins or losses to Eagles games once the new schedule was released.

     Think about it. All of the predictions were based on the previous season’s opponents, since there was no way to project how much better, or worse, those teams would be the following season. And then there’s the injury factor. How many win numbers changed after Aaron Rodgers went down in his first series with the New York Jets?

     But we did it every year anyway. Hey, what can I say? The football offseason is a long one, and the Eagles are always the team our listeners and callers talk the most about. Sometimes there’s a place for even really dumb traditions.

     Based on the way last season ended for the Birds – they lost the last six of seven, including a playoff collapse in Tampa – the just-released 2024 schedule is harder than ever to forecast.

      Will the Birds revert to the 10-1 form that began the 2023 season? Or will they not be able to recover from that excruciating ending? What about the many new additions to the roster, mostly cornerbacks? And don’t forget the major losses of veterans Jason Kelce, Fletcher Cox and Hasaan Reddick.

     At the risk of looking like an idiot in seven months, here’s my ridiculous waste of time for 2024:

     Packers at Eagles (in Brazil) – Loss

     This will probably be the most revealing game of the entire schedule, since it will be a chance for either Jekyll or Hyde to appear. As long as coach Nick Sirianni is still around, I’m expecting to see Hyde.

     Falcons at Eagles – Loss

     With a savvy QB like Kirk Cousins, there’s no reason to believe he will fail where so many veteran QBs succeeded last year against that abysmal Eagles pass defense. Will Vic Fangio make a difference? Ask the Dolphins, who were happy to dump the DC after one lousy year.

     Eagles at Saints – Win

     The Saints still stink, maybe worse than last year. Jalen Hurts will rattle their weak defense and prove he’s still the guy, as long as the coaching doesn’t get him killed in the process.

      Eagles at Buccaneers – Loss

      The best measuring stick for the 2023 Eagles were the Buccaneers. The Birds handled them, 25-11, early in the season, and then lost to the same team by 23 points (32-9) in the playoffs. I can’t see the Eagles getting 23 (or more) points better this quickly.


      This is a very early break, and it could save the season for the Eagles. If indeed they start 1-3 (or even 0-4), there will be a chance to remove the biggest problem, Nick Sirianni. By this point, it will be painfully obvious that the head coach needs to go. If OC Kellen Moore takes over, the Birds could have a much better finish. If not, they will repeat the failures of the previous year. For our purposes here, Sirianni stays. Unfortunately.

      Browns at Eagles – Loss

      Cleveland won 11 games, just like the Eagles, in the 2023 regular season. They also got clobbered in their first playoff game, just like the Eagles. The difference is, they were stronger down the stretch. And they have a better coach, Kevin Stefanski.

      Eagles at Giants – Win

      Saquon Barkley returns to his NFL roots. The Eagles will want to win the game for him. Plus, the Giants really stink.

      Eagles at Bengals – Loss

      The Bengals have an excellent QB, Joe Burrow. The rest of the team is good, too. The Eagles also have a fine QB (Hurts). The rest of the team, not so much.

      Jaguars at Eagles – Loss

      Jeff Lurie and Howie Roseman get to see firsthand how stupid their decision was to force out Super-Bowl champion Doug Pederson. And Nick Sirianni gets schooled by a far superior coach.

      Eagles at Cowboys – Loss

     This is when the Eagle fans will really turn on Sirianni. Losing to the Cowboys is unforgivable in Philadelphia. Enough said. This game will not be close.

     Commanders at Eagles – Win

    After a succession of terrible QBs, Washington will go with a rookie, Jayden Daniels, this season. Thank goodness for the lousy NFC East.

      Eagles at Rams – Loss

      By this point, the Eagles will be playing out the string. The Rams will be playing for a playoff spot. No contest.

      Eagles at Ravens – Loss

      Speaking of no contests, the Ravens can rest their starters and still win this one easily. John Harbaugh is another great coach who got away. Please stop telling me what a great owner Jeff Lurie is.

       Panthers at Eagles – Win 

      This is a tougher game to pick than it appears. The Panther won only two games last year, but QB Bryce Young will be a lot better this season, as will his revamped offensive line. Still, the Eagles will find a way to win as the Nick Sirianni job watch intensifies.

       Steelers at Eagles – Loss

       QB Justin Fields will have taken over for washed-up Russell Wilson by now, and Fields will run roughshod around the still-awful Eagles linebackers. Tight ends and running QBs love to face the Eagles LBs.

       Eagles at Commanders – Loss

       There will be an outcry for the Eagles to lose the rest of their games to get a top draft pick. No worries. Daniels will be smarter by now. He will deliver the much-needed Eagles loss.

       Cowboys at Eagles – Loss

       This will be an ugly game. The home fans will be sour and restless by now. Sirianni will be reviewing his resume instead of holding the play card. Jerry Jones will be smiling. Ugh.

       Giants at Eagles – Win

      Both teams will be trying to lose for better draft positioning. Except for lame duck Sirianni, who will end his tenure in the most annoying way possible, a hollow victory.


      Final record – 5-12

      Vegas has the Eagles at 10.5 wins. 

      Take the under.


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